Face Vs Face



Hello guys……………D.C. back with another post:

Most of the time, the matches you and I watch on RAW and SD!, are HEEL vs FACE. They are NEVER at PPV level. You can usually predict the outcome. There is no suspense. Everyone is rooting for the same guy to win. And it usually ends the same way.

The bad guy cheats. Or maybe there is interference from the outside. Rarely do u get a match where someone wins clean or where you cheer for both guys.


Now this is an area where WWE might be missing the boat. You see- ….every once in a while, you just wonder:

What would happen if Rey fought Cena? Or if Kofi fought Christian? Or maybe CM Punk vs Sin Cara?

(I’m sure you can come up with better examples!)

The confrontation between The Rock and Cena pinned a FACE vs FACE. It accomplished everything the fans wanted. It was unpredictable. You had people rooting on both sides. The combatants were even. And the buzz in the air about their upcoming epic match was simply electric…… almost one year before it even happened.

Normally, it is GOOD vs EVIL, right?  Ok……. I have an idea:

No story lines needed. Just a one time spontaneous match. When I was younger, I used to stay up late at nite and watch WWE’s “HEAT”. The wrestlers didnt have storylines, but anyone would fight anyone at a given time. So it was fun to watch.

Yes, I understand matches are designed to promote an upcoming match at the next PPV. But not every match has to be intended to be part of a story line.


What would be the benefits of throwing in an occasional FACE vs FACE?

You would have the crowd more involved, rooting for each wrestler. So more general interest. Why not? It’s something new and different.

The match would be unpredictable and more enjoyable. You would actually have to watch the entire match to see the outcome. And you would be on the edge of your seat, wondering who the better wrestler is. 

And what is wrong with an occasional clean win from time to time?

Come on guys, you play WWE on your video console and match up the good guys in a head-to-head all the time!

Normally, all you can say at the end of some of the current, boring, mid-card matches is:

HEEL should have won. Or …..HEEL would have won if this / that would not have happened.



Notice I didnt mention HEEL VS HEEL. While i would also like to see these matches. I would like them more, depending on the match up itself. For example, 2 big behemoths of even strength and size fighting one another.

Im thinking perhaps Big Show vs Khali ( the version of Khali when he first debuted and not the sad jobber they have made him……more on that another time)

Im thinking Ryback vs Ezequiel ( Once again, not the sad jobber they have made Ezequiel )

One more to chew on……. how about Wade Barret vs Del Rio.

NOTE; Guys, I know some of these guys are hurt.)

The idea is that sometimes, WWE could do a change of pace, and just treat us to an exciting, unpredictable match we could talk about at the water cooler the next day.

Another thing that WWE needs to do is manage their talent a whole lot better, improve their story lines, and know who to push. But that for another blog and another time.

Take care!


Who is next?

  It seems that Cena has now been through the entire WWE roster twice!  Don’t you get that feeling?? When you hear of his next opponent, don’t you ask yourself…….HAVEN’T WE BEEN HERE BEFORE?

  He just finished feuding with the Big Show….. again. A few months ago, he had another quarrel with Kane. And it would seem as if writers are still searching for a match up that will work. But after you fight the People’s champion, on the grandest stage of them all,  where do u go from there? I mean… do rivalries get better then that? I thought the feud with Brock, ended much too quickly.

Shortly after that, there seemed to be this hint that Cena would feud with Tensai, err….or is it Albert? But it would now appear that idea is at best, on the back burner. So who is next?

Heard about CM Punk the other day. Not bad. But i think to myself…… been there…… done that. What about Christian? Not bad. But is Christian a big enough star anymore to make it live up to the hype?

I have a few suggestions. Tell me what you think. Nod your head if you agree:

When John Cena was involved with THE ROCK, it seemed to make huge headlines. It captured the imagination of the WWE universe. It had all the hype and drama and suspense that fans  just can’t get enough of. It generated buzz and became the most anticipated match of the year!!

So, along those same lines, why not find another legend for him to fight?

I read a few weeks ago, that Stone Cold Steve Austin, was open to one more match. Although he seems to want to fight CM Punk. It is not a bad idea. But it seems like too much of a predicable match. I would assume that CM would win that match. Maybe i am wrong but…………. it is my blog. Ji!! Ji!!

As I stated before, one of the elements that made Cena-Rock so intriguing, is not knowing for sure, who would win. I enjoyed the suspense of such a powerful match up.

If WWE managed to create the correct storyline, I strongly believe, that a Cena-Austin confrontation would be huge for WWE and it’s fans.  And if it is touted as “ONE LAST MATCH”, even better.

There are other legends we could see. Although none would command as much attention as Austin running a mock and terrorizing Cena with all his antics.

Another name that might excite you is,,,,,,yup…..Goldberg. It has been rumored for a while about the possibility of a future return to the ring. In a short video, Goldberg himself, hinted a possible return. Although there has been gossip going around that Vince does not wish to pay Bill Goldberg, and thus, is trying to convert Ryback in to the poor man’s version of the legend or the second coming.

And yet, you cannot help but salivate at the mere idea that a Goldberg-Cena match could become a reality at some point. It would, of course need to happen sooner then later, because lets face it, Bill Goldberg hasn’t wrestled for a long time and is not getting any younger.

(Personally, I would have loved to see Cena fight the Ultimate Warrior, but that is another story for another day.)

I truly think that a match up with a HOF / Legend, would appeal to the masses. WWE already has made it a habit to bring back some of it’s most celebrated legends and it has always worked out really well.

The Rock, Foley, Vader, Ricky Steamboat, Piper, etc. Why stop now?

What legend would you enjoy coming back to face Cena? Or if not against Cena, perhaps another star at the current roster.

The other option I have, if they cant make it a legend’s match, would be a Baby Face vs Baby Face match up. But that will be talked about in my next post. Till then……………